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We are the sole manufacturer and distributor of the Patent Pending Fish Frenz® chum pump system range of sport fishing products. Be it deep sea, kayak and beach fishing - your Fish Frenz® will lure the fish to you! Visit our fishing store to view our chum pump system range.

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Fish Frenz® Fish Feeding Pump


The Fish Frenz® Fish Feeding Pump is a world first - engineered to use the oceans energy to cut and disperse your bait underwater, the continuous chum trail causes a fish feeding 'frenz' around the  feeding pump! Get yourself the edge to attract more fish!

Fishing with a Unique Advantage


The Fish Frenz® range of products has been tested for over 3 years in Australian waters.  It has been used by all rock, surf, kayak, jet ski and boating fishing enthusiasts in varying sea conditions.  The fish feeding pump works beyond expectations in all sea conditions. 

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"So safe and easy to use. I used less bait to create a berley trail" 

"More hits on my bait than I've ever had"

"Uses all types of bait"

"Lightweight, compact and easy to store on my paddle ski"

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CHUM - Soft bait, also known as BERLEY, burley, fish food etc...