Fish frenz



How does this amazing product work?

The  FishFrenz™ Feeding Pump uses the power of the ocean to activate the piston and double cutting blades .The bait is  dispersed through the outlet vents.This creates a burley trail at your chosen depth

Which bait is best to use with the pump

All types of baits can be used.

The unit performs better when using softer types of bait.

Frozen baits can also be used with the feeding pump, but will only start to cut and disperse the bait once it has defrosted.

How long before I have to refill the bait?

There are many factors to take into consideration.

The roll of the ocean ,hard, soft, frozen, chopped or whole types of bait.

As the  FishFrenz™Feeding Pump is easy to retrieve  we recommend checking it  half an hour after the first drop.

What is the best depth for the product

The FishFrenz™ Feeding Pump is designed for use at any depth.

To avoid snagging on a reef set the feeding pump above the reef.The burley trail created will attract the fish to come and feed.

Where do I set my hook?

For best results set your hook at the same depth and as near to the FishFrenz™ Feeding Pump as possible. 

Where are they made?

The FishFrenz™ range of products are manufactured in Perth Australia.